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Bear Grass in Glacier National Park

T.J. Hileman/NPS Historic Photograph Collection
Monday, February 18, 2008

Sometimes older photographs are more beautiful than those produced digitally today. This hand-colored print was taken circa 1920. The mountain in the background is Granite Peak.

Is it possible that Bear Grass still grows in the park with the same abundance as shown in the 1920's photograph??

One(ME) has desirable wish that it still does!

I've seen comparable amounts of bear grass flowering in Glacier NP at one point in the last 12 years. Bear grass takes year to flower and so an area may have few flowers for several years and then a mass flowering in one year.

This image is from 2003 near iceberg lake:

T J Hileman's photographs are wonderful. He was a member of my HILEMAN family.

I can confirm that some years there is definitely as much beargrass in Glacier. And, yes, it's cyclical. Wish I could remember the cycle!! ;)


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