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Wind Cave National Park

Nine Black-Footed Ferrets Released At Wind Cave National Park

Nine black-footed ferrets have new homes after being released at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. These ferrets, raised at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center in northern Colorado, will augment the park’s estimated ferret population of 25 to 30 animals.

Elevator Problems Affect Cave Tours At Wind Cave National Park In South Dakota

Limited cave tours are being offered at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota due to elevator problems. All tours are now entering and exiting the cave via the Walk-in Entrance and proceed only as far as the Post Office Room. Visitors will need to descend and climb up 155 stairs, which is equivalent to climbing a 15-story building.

Wind Cave National Park Outlines Centennial Celebration Plans

While the official date marking the centennial of the National Park Service still is more than six months off, that's not stopping individual parks from announcing their plans for marking the big date. And at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, the plans revolve around music, gatherings, and youth activities.

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