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Waterton Lakes National Park

3 Days In Heaven

Known as the “Crown of the Continent,” I prefer to think of Glacier National Park as the Crown Jewel of the National Park System. I was born 24 miles away from this setting of pine-, cedar-, and fir-fragrant forests, rugged mountains, glacial U-shaped valleys, abundant wildlife, flower-filled fields, pristine lakes and trail choices suitable for all walks of life.

Parks Canada Striving To Help Whitebark Pines Avoid Extinction

Whitebark pines, a keystone species that can impact spring runoff, nourish grizzly bears when they most need protein, and provide feasts for other wildlife, face a variety of threats, from climate change to a fungal disease. So important are these trees that researchers with Parks Canada are working to raise a veritable disease-resilient forest of whitebark pines.

Parks Canada Announces New Explora App For Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada is ready to welcome visitors for the 2016 season. This year, Parks Canada is continuing to improve its visitor offerings with even more innovative and educational events and activities, as well as investments in visitor facilities. At Waterton Lakes National Park, Parks Canada is introducing a mobile application, offering rewarding volunteer opportunities, and providing interpretive hikes.

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