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North Cascades National Park

In Washington State, We LOVE Our Wild… And We LOVE Our Trails

The folks at Washington's National Park Fund love the idea of wild in Washington State. For over 100 years, Washingtonians have hiked, climbed and picnicked at Mount Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades national parks. But trails aren’t wild; they’re created and maintained by people, especially when nature takes its toll.

Winter Programs Getting Under Way At North Cascades Institute

As snow falls in the North Cascades of Washington state and the highway closes for another winter, life is slower and quieter at the Environmental Learning Center at the North Cascades Institute. After a busy summer and fall of teaching, the institute's naturalists are off for a well-earned break, some upriver staff head out on furlough, but learning continues at the organization's campus on Diablo Lake.

Stewart Udall: Steward Of The Land

Stewart Udall served as Secretary of the Interior from 1961 to 1969, leading advocacy and politics of conservation and environmental protection in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. He was, by all accounts, one of the most significant Interior Secretaries in American history, sharing that status with Harold Ickes, Secretary in the FDR administrations. While very different in background, temperament, and style, both men were masterful politicians who saw their role as stewards of American public lands, and we enjoy many legacies of their work today.

Crown Jewel Wilderness: Creating The North Cascades National Park

In Crown Jewel Wilderness, environmental historian Lauren Danner masterfully tells the story of the decades of political wrangling over the North Cascades. She examines North Cascades history in the context of national debates about what agency should be the primary provider of outdoor recreation – the Forest Service or the National Park Service – what areas should be national park as opposed to national forest, and who should manage wilderness in places like the North Cascades. Conservationists were skeptical that either agency would consider wilderness preservation a priority. The Park Service was, they thought, too focused on developing the national parks for mass recreation, and the Forest Service was pursuing a multiple use policy focused especially, in the North Cascade region, on logging.

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