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Lincoln Memorial

Little-Known Area Of The Lincoln Memorial Could Be Opened To The Public

With the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial’s dedication coming up in 2022, the National Park Service has proposed upgrades that would allow people to view a little-known area below the memorial known as the undercroft and improve visitor services at the often-congested site in time for a centennial celebration.

At the Lincoln Memorial, Marian Anderson Delivered an Easter Sunday Performance for the Ages

Martin Luther King, Jr., was not the only renowned African American to use the Lincoln Memorial to make a statement about racial injustice in the land of the free. On Easter Sunday 70 years ago, Marian Anderson thrilled a huge crowd with one of the most memorable concerts ever delivered on Federal property. Thank goodness a Newsreel camera crew was on hand.

After the Inauguration ... Next Up, the Lincoln Bicentennial

There's no rest for the weary—especially if they're involved in planning and managing special events in the nation's capital. With the inauguration behind us later today, those folks can now focus on the Lincoln Bicentennial, and there will be plenty to do at a number of NPS sites, in and outside of Washington. D.C.

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