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Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

National Park Service Faces Variety Of Threats To Archaeological Resources At Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

River flows, burrowing rodents, and seeping water all pose a threat to archaeological resources at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, where officials are trying to come up with a solution to better preserve those pieces of history.

Connecting The Dots: Fort Union Trading Post And "The Revenant"

If "The Revenant," Leonardo DiCaprio's early 19th century story of surviving a grizzly bear attack on the Western frontier, caught your eye, then you might want to head to North Dakota this summer to see part of the landscape that his character, Hugh Glass, crossed in his search for retribution.

A Year In The Parks: From Arches National Park To Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Living in the Rocky Mountains is a great asset when it comes to visiting national parks, for there are so many in just about any direction you head. The past year took me north and south through the region to a diverse collection parks, and I also ventured to Virginia to explore the National Park System.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide