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Everglades Morning with Heron

Great Blue Heron At Dawn; James Good Photographer

There are a few reasons I've chosen this photo of a Great Blue Heron in Everglades as the photo of the week. First, this photo just feels like it was taken in the early hours of the day; the water is perfectly calm, the colors are still very muted and cool, and then in the upper right hand corner of the shot, the colors are bright and red with the sunrise. The second reason is because this shot feels very much like a national park shot, especially the wooden walkway jutted out into the water, a feature so frequently found on a nature loop.

James Good

Your Chance To Help Guide Everglades' Future

What comes to mind when you think of Everglades National Park? What sort of experiences would you want to encounter when you visit the park? How should the lands within the park boundaries be managed? Should powerboats have unlimited freedom? Should there be more designated wilderness? These are some of the questions you can provide input on as Everglades officials chart the park's next 20 years.

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