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Cedar Breaks National Monument

Main Road To Cedar Breaks National Monument Closed For Winter, But Fun Continues

Winter's heavy snows are starting to fall across the high country in parts of Utah, and at Cedar Breaks National Monument that means one access route to the monument has closed. It also means the monument will be a great destination for snowshoers and even cross-country skiers.

Cedar Breaks National Monument: An Inviting Summer Destination

Stunning crimson and brilliant golden sandstone formations paint a truly unique landscape in any season. Cedar Breaks National Monument is home to spectacular views of a three-mile wide, half-mile deep natural amphitheater. Visitors are welcome to experience a variety of activities available within the park. Warm summer months sweep hiking trails with vibrant wildflowers from late June through August.

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When it comes to cycling events in national parks, how heavily should the National Park Service weigh whether an event is a professional race when deciding if it's a worthwhile event, and what other factors should it take into consideration?

Is National Park Service Abrogating Its Responsibility With The Tour Of Utah Bike Race?

Federal lands make up the majority of Utah's landscape, so it shouldn't be surprising that state roads crisscross those lands. But when a state road crosses a national park, and that road is going to be traversed by a bike race, should National Park Service approval be required?

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