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Bandelier National Monument

Climate Change Poses Risks Of Flooding, Erosion, And Fires To National Park Units And Their Treasures

Treasures of history, culture, and natural beauty contained within the National Park System are increasingly at risk to the perils of climate change, with flooding and wildfire likely to sweep numerous park sites across the country, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

National Park Foundation Grants Designed To Help Parks Improve Visitor Transportation

While some national parks struggle with moving tourists around during the peak season due to traffic jams and road systems designed for fewer vehicles, the National Park Foundation is working to provide the National Park Service with the expertise to help improve the situation.

Modern Technology Aids Repairs To 14th-Century Kiva At Bandelier National Monument

It's not surprising that some repairs were needed on a kiva located in a cliff dwelling at Bandelier National Monument—the structure dates back to the 14th century. One big challenge has been figuring out how to get tons of supplies to the nearly inaccessible site, safely and efficiently. The answer involved a modern approach to this very old location.

Bandelier National Monument Starts Long-Term Shuttle Service, Ends Private Car Access To Frijoles Canyon

Last summer, when floodwaters rushed through Bandelier National Monument’s Frijoles Canyon, demolishing much of the parking area, it looked like a complete disaster. But the post Las Conchas fire floods helped the National Park Service achieve its illusive but long-sought goal - to eliminate private vehicles from Frijoles Canyon.

National Park Service Moving To Let Tribes Collect Plants, Minerals From Parks For Traditional Practices

A move by the National Park Service to allow Native American tribes to collect plants and minerals from units of the National Park System for traditional purposes is being condemned by Public Employees for Environmental Purposes.

Bandelier National Monument Back In Business After Fires, But Only To A Limited Extent

The good news is that Bandelier National Monument is back to welcoming visitors after dealing with wildfires. That bad news is that those fires left the landscape prone to flooding, and with the monsoon season approaching, authorities are concerned about flooding in Frijoles Canyon.

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