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The latest news from around the National Park System.

Drought Reveals Unknown Breeding Habits Of Toads In Santa Monica Mountains

The prolonged drought in California had at least one silver lining for researchers studying wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains. Native western toads were found to be breeding in September, the latest ever known observation for the species, which has a breeding season that typically begins in late January. Western toads need pools of water to breed, and without winter rains, it wasn’t until an unusual summer rain event, caused by Eastern Pacific Hurricane Linda, that the toads in this particular spot bred.

Shenandoah National Park To Celebrate 17th Annual Wilderness Weekend

Shenandoah National Park will honor America’s Wilderness heritage during its 17th annual Wilderness Weekend this coming weekend. You can celebrate Wilderness by viewing Shenandoah’s Wilderness from Skyline Drive, hiking a Wilderness trail, joining a ranger program, learning how to use traditional tools for Wilderness trail maintenance, completing the Ranger Explorer Wilderness Activity Guide, watching a movie about Wilderness or exploring a visitor center exhibit.

Perry’s Victory Marks 204 Years Of Peace At Annual Historic Weekend

Nearly 104 years ago, on September 11, 1913, the remains of midshipmen Henry Laub and John Clark and Lt. John Brooks were moved from DeRivera Park to a crypt beneath the rotunda of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. This coming weekend, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial and its partners will honor them and all others who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie with a celebration of history, music, and art at the 26th annual Historic Weekend.

The Losing Battle To Save The Sperry Chalet In Glacier National Park

In the end, all the firefighters could do was stand back and watch as flames consumed the historic Sperry Chalet, an icon of an earlier time when the Great Northern Railway brought visitors to northern Montana to explore the Rocky Mountains on horseback treks across the landscape that would become Glacier National Park.

American Wolf: A True Story Of Survival And Obsession In The West

It has been more than two decades since the wolf recovery operation was launched in Yellowstone National Park, and interest in the predators has not ebbed at all. Park visitors continue to congregate in the predawn and pre-sunset hours in the Lamar Valley on the northern end of Yellowstone. Magazine features and books are still being written about the ongoing fate of the wolves.

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