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Natonal Park Mystery Photo 37: Whatever Happened to Boomer I?

What the heck is Boomer II, and whatever happened to No. 1?

There are boomers, and then there are boomers. But in the National Park System, what is "Boomer II"? That's the question as the Mystery Photo makes a shaky return to the Traveler.

To correctly solve this mystery, you not only must identify what Boomer II represents, but also where the photograph was taken.

The answer, of course, will appear tomorrow.


US Geological Survey vessel, and on the water...  probably at Glacier Bay.

Not a US Geological Survey vessel.

Cannon used to start avalanches in Yellowstone?

No, not a cannon, but perhaps now the 105 mm howitzer they use will be renamed!

That looks like nose art on a WWII aircraft.  But where?  Let's see, could it be at Tuskegee National Historic Site?

 My guess is that it is a memorium of Boomer the NPS Equine Rescue Horse down in the Chircahua's AZ and while I don't think he has passed away Boomer II might be his kin or replacement?

Nope, not a rescue horse, nor the nose of an aircraft. Caitlin has pretty much nailed it, but we'll hold off a little longer to see if anyone else can figure it out.

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