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National Park Mystery Photo 54: Part Of A Big Building

Mystery Photo 53

Mystery Photo 54 shows part of a building in a national park. If you can identify this building and name the National Park System unit in which it is located you will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing and a chance to win a signed copy of Stephen R. Brown's beautiful photo book, the Jewel of the Mall: The World War II Memorial..

No cheating!

If we catch you Googling or engaged in other sneakery we will make you write on the whiteboard 100 times:

Sometimes called "petrified lightning," fulgurites are glassy tube-like objects formed when lightning with a temperature of at least 3,270 °F strikes dry, silica-rich sand or soil, melts it along a conductive surface, and fuses grains together.


JanetinKy is sooooo close that we're not even going to reveal her guess. But she's in the right park. Just the wrong building.

Is it part of Old Faithfull Inn in Yellowstone?

Most definitely not, David.

Celbert, you nailed it! With time to spare. Congrats, although it's a bit lonely in the reception room.

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