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National Park Mystery Photo 51: A Rail Fence In The Foreground

Mystery Photo 51.

Mystery Photo 51 shows part of a building in a national park east of the Rocky Mountains. If you can identify this building and name the national park in which it is located you will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing and a chance to win a copy of David and Kay Scott's The Complete Guide To The National Park Lodges, 7th Edition.

No cheating!

If we catch you Googling or engaged in other sneakery we will make you conduct unannounced inspections of farms supplying locally-grown organic produce for Traveler’s third floor deli.


Part of the Glassworks at Jamestown?

Could it be Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains?

"Jamestown" is not the name of a national park, Lee. You know that of course; I'm just underlining the requirement for answers that hew to the rules.

Sorry, Mary; it's not Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains national Park.

I'd love to welcome you to the Winners Circle, Rangertoo, but you only supplied half of the answer.

Okay, in Jamestown National Historic Park?

Sorry, Lee; there is no such place in the National Park System.

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