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National Park Mystery Photo 44 Revealed: Heave-Ho, Me Hearties!

Top: Youngsters learn to raise sail aboard the Balclutha at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Bob Janiskee photo.   Bottom: Aerial view of the park. The Balclutha is the three-masted vessel docked at the end of the Hyde Street Pier. NPS photo.

National Park Mystery Photo 44 shows youngsters learning how sailors of a bygone era raised sail aboard the historic sailing ship Balclutha at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

Built in 1886, the 301-foot Balclutha (aka Star of Alaska or Pacific Queen) is the  oldest of the six major historic vessels berthed at the park's Hyde Street Pier. During its storied career the steel-hulled square-rigger called on ports around the world, rounded Cape Horn 17 times, became the last vessel to fly the flag of the Hawaiian Kingdom, was a speedy coastal trader, and even appeared in the classic film Mutiny on the Bounty.

Congratulations to the Traveler readers who got this one right, namely: viewmtn, Ken, Eric Nelson, celbert, volknitter, and Tom.  All are eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

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