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National Park Mystery Photo 39: An Uncommon Configuration

This stuff normally doesn't look like this.

Mystery Photo 39 depicts an uncommon configuration of something that is not uncommon. Can you tell what that something is and where in the National Park System this photo was taken?

The answer will be revealed in tomorrow's Traveler.


A clump of barbed wire.  I think I remember seeing this at Homestead National Monument in Nebraska.

I'll take a guess...
Is it barbed wire from Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site?

Pretty good guesses, Eric and Lee, but no cigar. It's barbed wire alright, but it's not at Homestead National Monument of America or Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site. I'll bet you've got some other possibilities in mind, so go ahead and give it another shot.

Is this from Andersonville Prisoner of War Musesm?

Anon 10:25 a.m. has nailed it. Nice going. Anybody else?

Sorry, Jon, it's not from the National Prisoner of War Museum at Andersonville National Historic Site.

Manzanar NHS?

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