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National Park Mystery Photo 35: Big Gear Turning

What is it, and where in the National Park System is it?

It's a big gear turning, but where in the National Park System will you find it?

Having been embarrassed by how easily the last was solved, we think we've made this one a little more difficult. The question is, have we? To prove us wrong, you need to identify what this is, and in which unit of the park system you can find it.

The answer, of course, will be provided tomorrow.


Great Smokey Mountain National Park...or Shenandoah NP

No, not in either of those parks Rob.

Allegheny-Portage NHS?

Harpers ferry?

Not Allegheny-Portage, nor Harpers Ferry.

I'm going with the canal locks at Cuyahoga National Parks.

Ahhhhh, no.

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