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National Park Mystery Photo 27 Revealed: Street At Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

The original bricks laid on the street in front of the Wright Brothers' Cycle Company shop were discovered when road crews took off the asphalt layer atop them during a work project. Photo by Jon Merryman.

Sometimes digging up the recent past uncovers something from the past. That proved to be the case at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park when they removed the asphalt from the street in front of the Wright Brothers' Cycle Company.

Long-time Traveler Jon Merryman discovered that time capsule of sorts during a recent visit to the park. It seems that a road rehabilitation project revealed the original brick-laid street was still there.

You can visit the restored Wright Cycle Company building, which is located at 22 South Williams Street. This company, the fourth bicycle shop operated by the Wrights, is the only building remaining as testament to their bicycle business, according to the National Park Service. The Cycle Shop forms a part of the Wright Cycle Company complex and was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1990.


Actually, the bricks have been in place for years. Williams Street was rebricked in conjunction with the development of the park in the 1990s. No recent road project changed anything.

I actually googled Trimble Block and saw that they were located in SE Ohio which was why I was guessing the 2 Ohio NPS Historic Sites that I did. I figured it would be process of elimination and I would eventually get it right! Ha Ha!

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