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Mystery Photo 42: Nice Profile!

Hmmm, you're looking a little rusty.

My, what a nice patina you have! But what are you?

Get the answer right -- what is it, and in which park is it located and where exactly? -- and we'll qualify you for our monthly prize giveaway.


Sculpture in front of Joshua Tree Visitor Center in Joshua Tree NP

Ken Unger was the first reader to ID mystery photo 42. 'Way to go, Ken.

 I see a road runner with a sun over it?? Must be in the southwest?? Best i can do__ sorry

Sorry, Dick G., but we can recognize a fishing expedition when we see one.  We are looking for the answer, not your thought processes. :o)

Is it in Petroglyph National Monument in ABQ?

Sorry, Randy, but Mystery Photo 42 was not taken in Petroglyph National Monument.

Scottys Castle in Death Valley.

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