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invasive species

Glacier National Park To Permit Non-Motorized Watercraft Into Park This Summer

After deciding last November to close all park waters to boating to prevent the spread of non-native mussels, Glacier National Park officials have decided that non-motorized boats that are not brought into the park on trailers will be allowed back in the water this summer.

Everglades National Park Launches “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign to Help Battle Invasive Species

Florida’s new “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign is further evidence that the National Park Service and other federal and state land management agencies are getting real serious about using public education as a tool to combat the spread of harmful nonnative plant and animal species.

Tamarisk Beetles Found in Grand Canyon National Park. "Oh, My" or "Oh, Me"?

Tamarisk, or salt cedar, is a highly invasive plant that has caused plenty of problems in the West. A test project to control the pest with the tamarisk leaf beetle has been underway since 2001 in parts of the country, but a few of the beetles have turned up unexpectedly in the upper end of the Grand Canyon. Will this prove to be a case of "Oh, my," or "Oh, me"?

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