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In today's edition of National Parks Traveler you'll find an extensive update on the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on Virgin Islands National Park/NPS

During the historic 1988 wildfires that burned through Yellowstone National Park, media from around the country and even from abroad visited the park again and again and again for several months to report on the natural disaster.

Today, more than two months after Hurricanes Irma and then Maria swept through the Caribbean, little national media attention has been cast on Virgin Islands National Park, Buck Island Reef National Monument, or the other park units in the region. At the Traveler, we are proud to provide you with an extensive update on the situation. Writer Erika Zambello, with field reporting by Leslie Henderson, has woven together a wonderful piece on the impact, and the aftermath, that the hurricanes had on Virgin Islands National Park, Buck Island Reef, and Christiansted National Historic Site.

That feature is a key reason why we see a need for National Parks Traveler. No other media organization that we know of provides daily editorial coverage of national parks and protected areas. Yes, there are occasional stories, but when the New York Times sends writers to the Caribbean to report on the storms' impacts -- one with a dateline of St. John, of which 60 percent is covered by Virgin Islands National Park -- and fails in both stories to even mention the national parks, well, that goes to the value of the Traveler.

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