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Help Support National Parks Traveler And Receive Yellowstone Centennial Limited Edition Prints


Donate $250 to the Traveler and receive this set of commemorative prints, ready to frame, from Ranger Doug!

I've been reading National Parks Traveler since its inception in 2005 and have come to depend upon its straightforward and candid journalism to keep me on top of issues in our national parks.  As a former National Park Service seasonal ranger, I've always considered myself a 'ranger,' and that led me to launch a publishing company, Ranger Doug's Enterprises, primarily to raise money for Grand Teton National Park.

Now in my 25th year of publishing artfully designed and produced posters and other national park memorabilia, I’ve been able to donate more than $6 million to the National Park Service through sales in our national park bookstores. 

Because of the need I see for the Traveler to keep us all educated and informed on what’s going on with the parks, I want to help ensure that its mission endures. Between now and year’s end, Ranger Doug's Enterprises will make available up to 300 sets of the Yellowstone Centennial Limited Edition silkscreened prints, both the Falls and Geyser, for a $250 contribution to National Parks Traveler, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit media organization. 

This Centennial Limited Edition of two serigraph prints, each measuring 13 5/8” x 18 1/2,” is ready for framing. The prints are based upon two recently discovered originals in California.  We corrected the screens and colors to restore these to their original beauty. 

To make these posters unique from our open edition, we've returned the initials "EM," which belonged to the screen printer who made these in 1940. WPA artists could not sign their work, so "EM" secretly scratched his initials into the design. Can you find them?  Ranger Doug also signed the limited edition prints! 

These truly are works of art honoring our National Park System that will be admired keepsakes for years untold. By investing in them, you’ll also invest in National Parks Traveler.

Please, join me in celebrating our national parks and National Parks Traveler. -- Doug Leen, aka Ranger Doug.

Traveler footnote: For more WPA-replica posters from around the National Park System and other park memorabilia, be sure to visit Ranger Doug's website

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