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Areas Of Gulf Islands National Seashore To Remain Closed Due To Hurricane Nate Damage


National seashore roads in the Santa Rosa area of Gulf Islands National Seashore were damaged by Hurricane Nate/NPS

It likely will be a few more days before Gulf Islands National Seashore on the Mississippi-Florida coastline recovers from damage inflicted by Hurricane Nate and fully reopens to visitors.

Formal damage assessments have begun in all areas of the national seashore, park staff said Monday, but Gulf Islands National Seashore areas in Florida remain closed due to Hurricane Nate impacts. The park anticipates the following areas to be closed to all visitor access and use for several more days.

Fort Pickens Area

A significant amount of sand and water, up to two feet deep, remains on the roadway and parking areas, and has been damaged in some locations. The Fort Pickens Campground has standing water; all reservations through Wednesday night will be cancelled. Those with reservations are being contacted. 

Santa Rosa Area

Highway 399, J. Earle Bowden Way, has been damaged by significant over wash from the gulf, and a significant amount of sand and water remains on the roadway. Road crews will begin clearing debris and sand as soon as safe, but the road will remain closed. The Opal Beach facilities and parking lots have significant standing water, which will need to recede before the area can be reopened.

Okaloosa Area

Remains closed while standing water recedes.  

Perdido Key Area

Johnson Beach Road, in the Perdido Key Area beyond the swim beach parking lots and pavilions will remain closed for sand and debris removal operations.


The Naval Live Oaks and Fort Barrancas Areas were to resume normal operations on Tuesday. Additionally, Johnson Beach at Perdido Key Area was to open at noon. 

Park status updates will be posted online at,, and  

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