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Voyageurs National Park Rangers Bust More Anglers For Being Over Limit


These fish were confiscated by Voyageurs National Park rangers after four fisherman from Illinois were found to be way over limit for Northern pike/NPS

The fishing at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota apparently is so good some anglers can't stop catching. Rangers recently busted four fishermen for being way over limit.

According to a park release, the four from Illinois had 44 Northern pike and three bass in their boat on Kabetogama Lake when rangers checked them on September 9. All four were cited for being over limit on the pike, and three were cited for using an extra fishing line.

On top of that, some fish were not identifiable and/or countable as required by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for transporting fish.

The fish seized by the rangers were donated to the International Falls, Minnesota, Good Samaritan Nursing Home.

Earlier this summer a Ray, Minnesota, man who was out on the lake with three friends was busted for being over limit. When rangers contacted the anglers, they discovered 24 walleye in the boat. Minnesota state fishing regulations place a limit on just four walleye per day. 

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