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California Woman Drowns In Sequoia National Park


Rangers worked Sunday to recover the body of a 26-year-old California woman who fell into Silliman Creek along the Twin Forks Trail in Sequoia National Park and was washed downstream.

Park spokesman Mike Theune said the woman fell into the creek Saturday evening, but had no additional details.

In a park release officials said record-setting temperatures were rapidly melting a large snowpack in the upper elevations of Sequoia and adjoining Kings Canyon National Park. With streams rising, hikers were cautioned against water crossings.

“River crossings fluctuate with temperature and time of day,” said Ranger Leah Tobin. “Just because you were able to cross in the morning, does not mean the same crossing will be at the same level when you come back to it in the afternoon.”

Mr. Theune said the temperature in the Foothills region of the park was expected to reach 106 degrees Fahrenheit Sunday, and 112 degrees on Monday.

"We have excessive heat warnings for the area," he said. “These are record-setting temperatures in this area, and there are no signs of it letting up."

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