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UPDATED: Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Reopens After Rockfall


Geologists are being called in to assess rock falling near Zion-Mount Carmel Highway in Zion National Park/NPS

Editor's note: This updates with the road reopening Saturday afternoon.

The Zion-Mount Carmel Highway through Zion National Park reopened to traffic Saturday afternoon. A continuous stream of heavy sand and rock debris falling near the west tunnel entrance of the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway prompted park officials to temporarily close the road Friday.

Although sand and debris continue to fall, there is little chance for it to reach the roadway. As a precaution, road and maintenance crews have installed jersey barriers to help keep debris contained. Eastbound queues for through traffic will begin further west of the tunnel to avoid stopping near the fall site.

Hazard geologists from the Utah Geological Survey were called to the site for further evaluation.

The Zion-Mount Carmel Highway connects state Route 9 between Springdale and Mount Carmel Junction. Alternate east and west routes are available via Highway 59 from Hurricane, Utah, to Fredonia, Arizona, and Highway 14 from Cedar City, Utah, to Long Valley Junction and Highway 89. People can access the park by traveling east on state Route 9 from Interstate 15.

All park facilities, including the visitor center, museum, campgrounds, and shuttle buses, are open and operating as normal in Zion Canyon. The Kolob Canyons facilities and Kolob Terrace are open as usual.

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