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DNC Wins Concession Contract At Grand Canyon National Park South Rim


A susidiary of Delaware North Companies, Inc, has been awarded the concessions contract from the National Park Service at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The 15-year contract will begin in January 2015 for DNC Parks & Resorts at Grand Canyon, Inc. for the grocery, food service, and retail stores at the Grand Canyon Village Market. The contract also includes the Yavapai Lodge retail, lodging, and food services, Desert View services, Camper Services, and the Trailer Village RV campground. (Xanterra Parks & Resorts currently provides services for Yavapai, Camper Services, and the Trailer Village RV Campground.)

The new contract is estimated to be worth about $30 million per year, with 9.4 percent of the gross receipts to be returned to the federal government each year. DNC will also make improvements on many of these properties. Deleware North Companies also provide visitor services at over 200 locations worldwided, including American flagship parks such as Sequoia & Kings Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Olympic, Shenandoah, and Blue Ridge Parkway.  Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga says, "I know they will continue to provide excellent service to park visitors."







I see what seems to be a small mistake.  DNC does not currently run the services at Yavapai except for the Market.  Xanterra does.  I'm pretty sure Xanterra also runs "Trailer Village" as my wife and I were put up there when we worked at the Grand Canyon 4 years ago.  I could be wrong about that, but I worked at the gift shop at Yavapai and I know it and the lodging were run by Xanterra.

Yep, you're right, Starwalker. We'll get it fixed. Thanks!


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