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Rehydrate Your Hike With A National Parks Traveler Water Bottle

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Raised graphics and a handsome "desert" color overwhelmingly chosen by our Facebook followers result in a distinctive water bottle that proclaims you're a national parks traveler.

With hiking season in full swing, and more and more units of the National Park System adding water filling stations, head to the parks with a water bottle from National Parks Traveler.

These handsome, 24-ounce bottles, crafted entirely in America by Liberty Bottleworks, proclaim that you truly are a national parks traveler!

Liberty, based in Yakima, Washington, makes its bottles from recycled materials. They coat the insides with Flexible Food Grade Coatings so you don't need to worry about metal leaching or etching of the lining that can allow bacteria to build up.  And the bottles are certified to be 100 percent BPA free. 

These bottles feature raised graphics to make it easier to grip. A "sport cap," which features a pop-up spout, can be purchased directly from Liberty, or found in your local REI, Whole Foods, and even some Ace Hardware stores.

Purchase a Traveler water bottle, quench your thirst out on the trail, and take pride in supporting Traveler's  daily coverage of the national parks. 

And if you prefer not to buy one via PayPal, send a check for $20 to cover the bottle, tax, and shipping and handling to National Park Advocates, LLC, P.O. Box 980452, Park City, Utah 84098.  

Please allow four-six weeks for delivery. Taxes and shipping costs have been factored into the listed pricing.

National Parks Traveler Water Bottle One bottle $20.00 USD Two bottles $40.00 USD Three bottles $60.00 USD Four bottles $80.00 USD


These water bottles are really great!

Besides keeping me hydrated, it also came in handy one day to keep things HOT.


Needed a way to keep some food warm while traveling.  Since the bottle is metal (or at least feels like it) I simply filled it with hot water, plunked it and the chicken into an insulated lunch carrier and enjoyed still roasty chicken a couple of hours later.

The bottle has also gotten some compliments from other folks and opened a nice seque to allow me to tell them all about Traveler.

Are there specific straws that you sell called Liberty Bag of Straws so that I can do the Chugga drinking?  Love the bottle but don't quite understand the directions for using the cap.  Can you help me?

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