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New Hiking Trails At Acadia National Park

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A section of the new Otter Cove Trail at Acadia/Friends of Acadia

Two trails have been added at Acadia National Park, where the additions make it easier for campers in the Blackwoods Campground to explore parts of the park without driving.

The Quarry Trail and the Otter Cove Trail were dedicated on National Trails Day, June 7, by Friends of Acadia and park officials. According to Friends of Acadia, the trails "connect Blackwoods Campground and the village of Otter Creek with Ocean Drive and the Ocean Path via Otter Cove, letting visitors see more of Acadia without having to drive or interact with vehicles while hiking."

Now visitors who are camping in Blackwoods or staying in Otter Creek have the ability to access the popular Ocean Path sights Champlain/Gorham trails without driving all the way around the Loop Road or walking along the road.

These trails are just the latest in the history of hiking at Acadia. Many of the routes can trace their origins to Native Americans, while in the mid-1800s the "rusticators" -- members of the Hudson River School of artists and rich East Coast families who headed to Mount Desert Island to escape the summer heat -- were more deliberate in creating trails through the forests and to scenic overlooks.

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