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Yellowstone Park Foundation Needs Help Purchasing 1,000 Bear Boxes


Across the National Park System, groups are constantly work to improve the plight of both animals and human visitors. At Yellowstone National Park, one aspect of that effort is to install bear-proof boxes that will keep bears and campers out of each other's way. But as of today, more than 1,000 bear boxes are still needed, and the Yellowstone Park Foundation is trying to raise the money needed to close that gap.

According to the Foundation, around a quarter of roadside campground sites in Yellowstone do not have bear boxes installed.

These boxes aren't cheap, running about $1,500 each. If you, or you and some friends, come up with enough to cover the cost of a box (or boxes), the Foundation will place an engraved name plate on the box – one of the few recognition opportunities available in the park.


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