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Burnside Bridge At Antietam National Battlefield Closed Due To Partial Collapse

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A section of stone fell away from the Burnside Bridge, forcing its temporary closure. NPS photo.

A section of stone has fallen out of the historic Burnside Bridge at Antietam National Battlefield, forcing closure of the pedestrian bridge while its condition is analyzed.

National Park Service engineers plan to inspect the bridge this week.  

Burnside Bridge is one of the best known historic structures at Antietam National Battlefield. One of a number of stone bridges constructed across Antietam Creek during the first half of the 19th century, it became an iconic symbol of the horrific battle that occurred on farm fields surrounding Sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 17, 1862. The bridge served a key role in the Battle of Antietam when a small force of Confederates defending the critical crossing over Antietam Creek held off Ambrose E. Burnside's 9th Corps for several hours.


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