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Winter Storm Closes Mammoth Cave National Park


Winter-storm conditions on Friday led to the closure of Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

Cave tours, the visitor center, and Mammoth Cave Hotel closed at 11:30 a.m. local time Friday, and the Green River Ferry closed at noon. At that time, the Green River Ferry Road-South and Green River Ferry Road-North from the river to Maple Springs also closed.

Flint Ridge Road, Houchin Ferry Road-South, and Joppa Ridge Road also were closed due to the storm.

Freezing rain, at times mixed with snow, was predicted to fall on the park throughout the day Friday and into Friday night. A small window of clearing was expected Saturday before a return to wintry weather Saturday night and Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

Park staff planned to monitor the park roads throughout Friday and Saturday morning to determine if further closures were warranted.


There they go again. That blasted NPS is locking visitors out of yet another park.

Write your Congressman immediately! This HAS to stop!

(With a tip of the hat to Mtliving . . . . )

I haven't seen any official reports from the park, but based on news stories from the vicinity, I'd guess getting to and from the Buffalo National River in Arkansas is also pretty dicey at best. Just not much in the way of snow removal equipment available for those steep and winding roads in the Ozarks.

Not a great weekend for canoeing the Buffalo anyway :-) Current weather at reporting stations near the park show air temp of 10, wind chills near zero, and a chance for more frozen precip. tonight and tomorrow.

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