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Body Discovered Below South Rim Of Grand Canyon In 2012 Finally Identified


Yoshikazu Yamada was reported missing from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in October 2012. His body was recovered that December and just recently identified. NPS photo.

The body of a Japanese visitor who fell off the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in the fall of 2012, and which was discovered two months later, finally has been identified.

It took DNA analysis for authorities to identify 76-year-old Yoshikazu Yamada, park officials said Thursday.

Mr. Yamada had been reported missing on October 6, 2012, a park release said. He was last seen getting off of a commercial tour bus near Bright Angel Lodge on the South Rim of Grand Canyon. He had been traveling with a companion and failed to return to the bus that afternoon, the release added.

An investigation and intensive search was conducted by park rangers following a report of the missing man. His body was spotted by the park's helicopter pilot during a routine mission on December 8, 2012. His body was located approximately 800 feet below the Abyss Overlook on Hermit Road (also known as the West Rim Drive).

An investigation into the death of Mr. Yamada is being conducted by the National Park Service.

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