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Webcam Offers Views Of Mount Rushmore National Memorial 24 Hours A Day

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EarthCam offers a high-definition view of the Memorial..

It's easier to keep an eye on Mount Rushmore National Memorial, from anywhere you have an Internet connection, thanks to EarthCam.

The company went live this week with its high-definition shot of the carvings of Presidents Washington, Roosevelt, Lincoln and Jefferson. You can with your 'mouse' zoom in and out of the shot, and even pan up and down and side to side.

EarthCam’s unique webcam with a special 105mm zoom lens invites people worldwide to experience breathtaking close-up views of this massive memorial 24 hours a day. Using a popular photography technique of timed exposure, the night shots feature the magnificent starlit skies, inviting visitors to enjoy the park long after the gates have closed. To support NPS’s educational initiatives, an interactive overlay presents interesting facts and information about the world’s most famous mountain carving.

“We’re proud to continue our long-standing partnership with the National Park Service to showcase the rich heritage of this treasured site,” said Brian Cury, CEO and founder of EarthCam. “The live webcam is our Thanksgiving gift to America and delivers extraordinary imagery both day and night, so viewers can really enjoy the ever-changing beauty of this iconic monument and be inspired to visit one day.”

Not only can you view the Memorial, but there's a "trivia" view of the carvings that contains details such as the length of President Washington's nose (21 feet), how wide the presidents' mouths are (11 feet across), how long it took to carve the profiles out of the rock face (14 years), and the cost $1 million (or about $16 million in today's dollars).

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