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Star Party This Friday At Pipe Spring National Monument In Arizona


Astronomy, and astrology, will be the focus of a star party this Friday evening at Pipe Spring National Monument in Arizona. NPS photo.

A star party will be held Friday at Pipe Spring National Monument in Arizona, where the importance of the stars overhead to ancient cultures will be discussed.

The event helps the park mark November as National American Indian Month. The star party is set for 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

"Throughout time cultures have watched the night skies, looking for signs of the coming and going of seasons, using bright stars for navigation, and weaving life lessons around the patterns and paths of stars," note park officials. "On Friday evening you will hear Southern Paiute winter stories about the stars and cosmos, shared by Kaibab Paiute tribal member and park ranger Benn Pikyavit.

"The newly formed Dixie State University Astronomy club, headed up by professor Sam Tobler, will be there to share stories of other cultures and provide star gazing tips. Several telescopes will be trained on the skies for clear view of planets and stellar objects. Dress warm; bring blankets, chairs, and flashlights."

Other programs at the national monument during National American Indian Month include guided hikes into Mu’uputs Canyon on the Kaibab Indian Reservation (reservations required) and various talks on Paiute skills, heritage and relationships with other cultures.

For a complete listing of November programs at Pipe Spring, visit or call 928-643-7105. Pipe Spring is located 15 miles west of Fredonia, AZ on AZ 389 or 45 miles east of Hurricane, UT on UT 59 and AZ 389. Regular entrance fees will apply ($5.00/adult, 15 and younger free). Interagency Annual, Senior, and Access passes are accepted and sold.

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