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Reader Participation Day: Has The Reopening Of Parks Revived Your Fall Travel Plans?


Fall color along the Newfound Gap Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. NPS photo.

Among the many casualties of the recent government shutdown were cancelled plans for visits to National Park Service areas. October is a popular month for many travelers, since in many parts of the country this season can offer some of the most pleasant weather of the year. In some locations, fall color is another major incentive for a road trip.

Now that parks have reopened, do you have plans for a trip that you'd put on hold due to the shutdown? If so, what are your park destinations? Do you have any specific reasons for fall travel, such as autumn foliage, hiking, or camping?

Whatever your destination and plans ... safe travels!


Absolutely! I plan on returning to Acadia National Park next fall and do the things I was unable to do this time around: get sunrise, sunset, and star shots atop Cadillac Mountain, drive the Park Loop Road, stop off at Thunder Hole, visit Jordan Pond. Now that I know Southwest Airlines has a direct flight to Portland, Maine, that will make my travel plans much easier as well (i.e. no more delayed flights causing me to miss my connecting flight).

I just realized that our government is funded until January 15. And that's when I start a long-awaited trip to San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico. I'm then moving on to the five park units in the Virgin Islands.

Do I need to be worried? I doubt if Congress will shut the government down again. But there might be some legislators out there who may think that "if at first you don't success, try, try again."

I'm writing to my legislators today.

Paddling the backcountry of Everglades NP over Christmas/New Year's. Pretty glad the next showdown isn't until the 15th.

(That sounds like an awesome trip, Danny Bernstein.)

In a backwards way from what you would expect, but I'm certain it is common to many thousands of people. Now that my wife is back to work from unexpected furlough we won't have to spend our vacation savings on rent and food, and may actually have that planned vacation in a few months.

I just got back from a day trip up to Paradise on Mt. Rainier.

Bright sunshine, warm enough to be comfortable in shirtsleeves in the sun if not the shade -- and snow on the ground [g].

Just gorgeous. The foliage on the way up wasn't shabby, either.

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