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If You Work For The National Park Service, You Should Be A Traveler Member...


National Parks Traveler is the only website dedicated to offering fresh editorial content on the National Park System to a global readership every day of the year. If you work in that system, we want your support as Traveler members.

What other website offers a regular lineup of stories on special events at park sites alongside search-and-rescue stories, or articles exploring the wonders of the park system, or how Congress tries to micromanage the parks?

With your support we can grow that content by bringing more hands to the task. With your expertise and insights, we can build the most authoritative guides to the National Park System via Traveler's Parkipedia, a unique crowd-sourcing approach to writing park guides.

The Traveler is an independent voice for covering the parks. We don't aggregate our coverage, we generate it. There's no corporation behind the Traveler, no foundation that underwrites us, no subscription fees to help meet the bills.

If you look forward each day to seeing what the Traveler is reporting, if you value independent, nonpartisan journalism, believe there's a need for more expansive coverage of the national parks, coverage that goes far beyond aggregation and sound bites, then we need and want your support as a member.

For more details, and to sign up, visit this page.

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