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Museum Store Opens In Renovated Benjamin Franklin Museum At Independence National Historical Park


A new museum store opened today in the newly renovated Benjamin Franklin Museum at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia.

The store, operated by Eastern National, sells a wide variety of Franklin-related commemorative items that incorporate Franklin famous quotes, apparel, such period reproduction pieces as hand-blown glass from Jamestown Virginia, and books. Proceeds from the sales of items sold in the store will fund vital educational and interpretive programs at Independence National Historical Park.

The Benjamin Franklin Museum has undergone a $21 million renovation over the last two years, which was funded by local, state and non-profit entities, including the state of Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia, the Pew Charitable Trusts, Lenfest Foundation, William Penn Foundation and the Knight Foundation.

The museum has not been revamped since the bicentennial in 1976. Interactive, animated displays complement the museum’s artifact collection, and provide an inside look at the life and legacy of Benjamin Franklin.

“Our new store at the Franklin Museum is an extension of the museum itself,” said Kevin Kissling, chief operating officer of Eastern National. “It allows visitors to learn more about one of the most prolific figures in American history, and affords an opportunity for visitors to bring a piece of Ben Franklin home with them through the purchase of quality educational products.”

Eastern National has partnered with Independence National Historical Park since 1951, when it opened its first sales outlet in the park in the West Wing of Independence Hall. Since then, Eastern National has funded countless educational and interpretive programs, and helped to purchase important artifacts for the park, such as a desk that was owned by Benjamin Franklin in 1965.

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