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You'll Be Able To Drive Entire Length Of Bear Lake Road In Rocky Mountain National Park Soon


Road construction continues along the Bear Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, but beginning Saturday you'll be able to drive the entire route, albeit with possible delays in both directions.

Park officials say you could encounter two 20-minute delays in both directions.

Also on Saturday, the park shuttle system's transportation hub will return to the Park & Ride rather than Moraine Park Visitor Center where it has been temporarily located during the construction project. The Moraine Park Shuttle Route will again include the following stops from the Park & Ride - Hollowell Park, Tuxedo Park, Moraine Park Visitor Center, Moraine Park Campground, C-Loop, Cub Lake Trailhead and Fern Lake Bus Stop.

The Bear Lake Shuttle Route will remain the same and will include the following stops from the Park & Ride: Bierstadt Lake Trailhead, Glacier Gorge Trailhead, and Bear Lake.

The Hiker Shuttle will remain the same, with stops at the Estes Park Fairgrounds Park-n-Ride, the Estes Park Visitor Center, the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center and the Park & Ride.

Paving and other aspects of the Bear Lake Road project will likely continue through August.

The Bear Lake Road was completed in 1928 and until 2003 no significant improvements were made. No major road work has taken place on the lower section for more than 80 years. When this project is complete, just prior to the park’s hundredth anniversary in 2015, it will conclude over 47 miles of critical improvements on park roads since 2003.

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