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A Whimsical Video Primer On Mountain Goats And Bighorn Sheep From Parks Canada


Do people really have a problem telling the difference between mountain goats and bighorn sheep? Perhaps. The folks at Parks Canada thought it was a big enough issue to produce the following witty and whimsical skit on the two creatures, with Banff National Park as a backdrop.


Can't wait to see the video

Here you go, Mary Beth!

OMG! That was hysterical! Thanks!

That's an absolute HOOT!  Thanks for a laughing start to the day.  (Other readers, be sure you wait until the very end before you turn it off . .  . )

This brings to mind a time long, long ago when the NPS ran a series of TV public service ads done for us by Jonathan Winters.  They featured a character named Lester Suggins who was camping in places like Yosemite with his family.  They used Jonathan's wild humor to put across points like proper food storage in bear country; littering; safety while hiking and a bunch of other important lessons.

Given all the problems we're facing now, why not try something like that again?

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