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Trail Work Requires Slight Reroute Along Jenny Lake Trail To Hidden Falls In Grand Teton National Park

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A short reroute will greet hikers along the Jenny Lake Trail in Grand Teton for the next few weeks. Google Earth image via NPS.

One of the most beautiful hikes for families young and old at Grand Teton National Park is the trail around Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls and Cascade Canyon. While you can still do that hike, trail work means you'll have to take a slightly steeper route for the next few weeks.

In general, the trail winds around the lake through a nice, shady forest, leading you to Hidden Falls and a trail that goes up to Inspiration Point that rewards you with sweeping views out across the lake towards the Snake River. Over your shoulder, of course, are the Tetons.

As of this past Monday, hikers using the southern portion of the Jenny Lake Trail will need to take an upper trail segment beyond Moose Ponds junction. This reroute will be in place for two to four weeks while significant restoration work is done along the more often used shoreline trail, park officials say. Signs and a map will be posted near the east shore boat dock and bridge to alert hikers of the temporary reroute from the shoreline trail to what is locally known as the upper horse trail.

The horse trail segment involves a slight elevation rise as opposed to the shoreline trail; however, this reroute does not increase the mileage to Hidden Falls.

In addition, the Leigh Lake bridge between String Lake and Leigh Lake is currently closed while the park's trail crew constructs a replacement bridge. The closure will likely last until mid-to late-June. This bridge provides access to the west shore of String Lake and the junction to Paintbrush Canyon trail.

For information on trail conditions, closures and temporary reroutes, please stop by the Jenny Lake Visitor Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or the Jenny Lake Ranger Station after June 8, its opening date.

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