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Floodwaters Swept Across Ozark National Scenic Riverways


Flooding has closed parts of Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Top photo, restroom at the Alley Campground, bottom photo debris left behind in campgrounds by floodwaters. NPS photos by Bob Parenti and Sarah Morris.

Heavy rainfall that pounded the Ozarks during the weekend led to extreme flooding in Ozark National Scenic Riverways, where parts of the park were closed due to high water that surged to 17 feet above flood level.

Four inches of rain was recorded in the park, where flooding caused the Jacks Fork and Current rivers to be temporarily closed to visitors. Park officials said Tuesday that the Upper Current River was open for floating from Baptist to Pulltite, while it remained closed downstream from Pulltite. The Jacks Fork River was open from Buck Hollow to Eminence.

Officials said they expected the Alley Spring Campground to be open for business Friday morning.

Closed campgrounds include all primitive campsites along the Jacks Fork, the Alley Spring Campground, Bay Creek Campground, Shawnee Creek Campground, Powder Mill Campground and Big Spring Campground. These campgrounds were expected to remain closed through Tuesday, June 4. Pulltite and Round Spring Campgrounds were expected to remain open.

Campers were evacuated from those areas Saturday morning, and rangers assisted several people in evacuating riverside campsites.

Water levels at the Route 17 Bridge on the Jacks Fork reached nearly 20 feet, which is 17 feet above flood level.

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