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Living History Program On Frontier West Offered At Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site


A living history program at Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site this summer will immerse participants into the 1840s West of trappers and mountain men. NPS photo.

Ever wonder if you could handle life in the 1840s West? Sign up for a "living history" program at Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site this June and you just might find out.

From June 5 to June 9, the National Park Service at Bent’s Old Fort will offer an instructional Living History Encampment that will culminate with a weekend of immersion in the 1840s as you live and work at this reconstructed trading post on the plains of Colorado.

Participants will get prepared with tours and classroom sessions on Wednesday and Thursday before moving into the fort for a weekend of living history. Students will take on the roles of traders, trappers, laborers, craftsmen, domestics or soldiers.

Cost for this 5-day, 3-night event is $300, which includes instruction, equipment, and food and accommodations while living at the fort. College credit is also available for this program through Adams State University.

More information and an application form may be found online. You can also contact Greg Holt at Bent’s Old Fort for more information by calling 719-383-5023.


The event will help people to be thankful for the progress man has made since then.

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