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Add To Your Collection Of National Park Memorabilia


How do you collect your national park memories?

More than a few national park trips result in the collection of memorabilia to help you recall your time in the parks. One rich source of park memorabilia is Coins of America, which offers commemorative coins, such as the distinctive national park quarters, as well as park-branded key chains and money clips.

Here at the Traveler we're able to provide you a portal into Coins of America's inventory. You can peruse their many items from parks across the country and take advantage of the company's sales. Leading the way are the commemorative national park quarters that are a great way to get youngsters hooked on both the national parks and coin collecting.

And by purchasing items through the Traveler's portal, you can help us out, too, as we get a small commission on each purchase.

To explore these items, click here, or click on the Collectibles button on Traveler's menu bar.


I tried making purchase but did not look like you were going to get credit for the sale as it directed me that the "page no longer exists." I was then on Coins of America's web site. I will wait until I know Traveler will get the credit for the sale. Please advise.

Hi David, which product did you click on? I just tried a few and they all worked. The link is designed to take you to the Coins of America website, but they'll be able to track that you came from the Traveler and credit us.

Gold Glacier necklace...I hope my wife doesn't read this.

Seems you have very good taste, David, as it looks to me like that item currently is sold out!

Also, for what it's worth, once you use the Traveler's portal to reach Coins of America, you can surf around their site and we'll still get credit if you make a purchase beyond the initial link you clicked on.

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