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Studying Granite At Yosemite National Park, The Video

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Yosemite Nature Notes: Granite. Kurt Repanshek photo.

In his latest addition to the growing list of Yosemite Nature Notes videos, videographer Steven Bumgardner focused on granite, a sturdy object found in just about every nook and cranny of the park.

During this 7-minute video you explore many of Yosemite National Park's high cliffs, rounded domes, and jagged cliff faces. Granite in Yosemite, Mr. Bumgardner explains, is what geothermal features are to Yellowstone National Park and what sedimentary rocks are to Grand Canyon National Park.

Though this video is in fact a geology lesson, it an incredibly beautiful one as Yosemite's landscape figures so prominently in it. Sit back and enjoy.

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