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Shenandoah National Park Back In Business....Partially


Steady work at cleaning up from the snowstorm that Superstorm Sandy deposited on Shenandoah National Park has allowed part of the park to reopen.

According to concessionaire ARAMARK, the park this morning was able to reopen the central part of Shenandoah, and both the Big Meadows and Skyland lodges have reopened.

"They are still clearing snow from the north and south exit, so guests are asked to enter through Thornton Gap U.S. 211 or Swift Run Gap U.S. 33 today. All of the park is expected to reopen tomorrow," a spokeswoman for the concessionaire said.

Neither Big Meadows nor Skyland lodge sustained any damage from the storm. However, the snowfall has prompted a decision to end the two-and-a-half-hour horseback rides for the season. On Monday a decision is expected on whether to resume the hour-long rides.


My daughter and I had lunch at Skyland on the 14th under blue skies and balmy temps. Mother Nature can be a frightening power.

I was there October ninth and saw my first bear. Things do change quickly.

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