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National Park Mystery Photo 56: Does This Look Familiar?


"I know I've seen that, I just can't remember where..."

In wandering around the National Park System, if you're observant enough and curious enough, you'll eventually come upon this. But what is it, and where is it?

Correctly answer those two questions and you'll qualify for a monthly giftie that the Traveler dispenses from its collection of odds and ends related to the parks.

The answer and a list of readers submitting correct answers will be posted in tomorrow's Traveler.


Furniture in Thunderbird Lodge Grand Canyon National Park?

Sorry, Eric; it's not furniture in the Thunderbird Lodge Grand Canyon National Park.

yellowstone lodge

Not Yellowstone Lodge.

Good job, Moonpie.

Kurt, I told you this thing was too darn easy! ;o)

Congrats to Moonpie, who nailed it. Hopefully no one else saw the answer before we could hide it...;-)

Now, for bonus points Moonpie, can you name the room?

Sounds like you've been there, Moonpie!

You've got it, celbert, and we're impressed.

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