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Honda Donates More Than $70,000 Worth Of Equipment To Keep The National Mall Tidy


Donations from Honda Power Equipment help the National Park Service cut the grass and trim the trees around the Lincoln Memorial. NPS photo.

If you've ever stood in the middle of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., you can imagine what a chore it must be to cut the grass, trim the shrubs, prune the trees, and keep the flowerbeds tidy. And mowers, clippers, and trimmers for that sizable task aren't cheap, which is why Honda is being applauded for donating more than $70,000 worth of power equipment for the job.

The Trust for the National Mall, the official non-profit partner of the National Mall and Memorial Parks says Honda donated that much equipment to the National Park Service in the past year alone.

“Honda’s continued commitment to the National Mall is a testament to the historical and symbolic significance of this iconic place,” said Caroline Cunningham, president of the Trust for the National Mall.

Honda’s total donations to the National Mall now exceed $70,000, and include self-propelled mowers, tillers, trash pumps and a portable industrial generator. The equipment will be used to preserve and maintain the National Mall, home to the history, heroes and hope of America.

“On behalf of the National Park Service staff, I want to thank Honda for their generous contribution to the National Mall,” said Bob Vogel, the superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. “This equipment is already playing a direct role in helping us protect and preserve this national treasure for generations to come.”

Honda North America, Inc. was established as Honda’s first overseas subsidiary in 1959, beginning a long history of contributing to the U.S. economy through U.S. manufacturing, sales, research and development, and finance.

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