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Personal Watercraft Accident Leaves Two Dead At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area


A possible momentary lack of attention has led to the deaths of two vacationers at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and left a juvenile with minor injuries, according to the National Park Service.

Park officials say the deaths occurred on the water Friday when two personal watercraft collided in the San Juan Arm of Lake Powell.

According to a release from the NRA, "the New Mexico family was enjoying the scenery and looking at Peekaboo Arch when one PWC slowed down off plane and the other did not, resulting in the collision." Two adults on the watercraft died as a result of the collision, while a juvenile female was taken to the hospital and later released, the release said.

The accident investigation is being conducted by Utah State Parks with assistance from San Juan County Sheriff’s Office and the National Park Service. The names of the deceased will not be released until the conclusion of the investigation.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area staff wants to remind everyone, especially families with young children, to be extra vigilant around the water. Check weather forecasts, limit alcohol consumption, and make sure that lifejackets are the appropriate size. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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