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UCLA Student Selected To Intern With National Park Service Submerged Resources Center


A straight-A student from the University of California at Los Angeles will get to spend three months touring the National Park System as an intern under the Park Service's Submerged Resources Center.

Tim White, of Baldwin, New York, recently was selected by the Submerged Resources Center and the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society as the Park Service's 2012 diving intern.  

Mr. White, a biology student, is focusing his studies on marine conservation and coral reef ecology. He is the third NPS diving intern and follows in the steps of Naomi Blinick, who ended her internship with a full-time position at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution working on imagery from the wreck of RMS Titanic.  Naomi’s work is featured prominently in the April issue of National Geographic.

"The 2012 NPS diving internship continues to be a highly sought after internship and the selection process was very competitive," said Dave Conlin, chief of the Submerged Resources Center. "Given the talented field, we had many qualified applicants, but I am confident that we have chosen the best of the best."

During his three-month stint with the Park Service, Mr. White will work with agency dive teams doing resource protection and monitoring, law enforcement, interpretation and maintenance work. 

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