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Friends Group Brings 61 Acres To Voyageurs National Park


More than 61 acres on Rainy Lake have been purchased by the Voyageurs National Park Association to give to Voyageurs National Park. Photo courtesy of Voyageurs National Park Association.

Voyageurs National Park is in line to grow by more than 61 acres thanks to a purchase of lakefront property made by the Voyageurs National Park Association.

The 61.55-acre tract is located on the Kempton Channel of Rainy Lake. The land encompasses boreal forest and several hundred feet of sand beach shoreline. It is located on the north side of the Kabetogama Peninsula, a 75,000-acre roadless area, which provides habitat for wolves, black bear, moose, otter and eagles.

Once the property can be transferred to the National Park Service, structures will be removed, scenic views restored for visitors and the land and shoreline will be returned to natural habitat for wildlife.

The Kempton Channel purchase is the largest yet under VNPA’s Land Preservation Initiative. Under this innovative program, VNPA works with willing sellers and their agents to acquire for the Park the remaining private properties within Voyageurs’ boundaries. 

Through the Land Preservation Initiative, VNPA can quickly step in to acquire properties and hold them until the Park Service completes the ownership transfer to the park.

The acquisition of these private lands is one of the highest priorities for Voyageurs National Park, as it furthers the park’s goals of restoring developed acreage to a pristine natural state, improving scenic views, and opening the spaces for all park visitors to enjoy.  

“We appreciate VNPA being able to purchase available tracts of land and hold them until we have funds available," said Superintendent Michael Ward. "This opportunity works well to serve the folks interested in selling and to protect land until federal appropriations become available. This partnership is a fantastic way to provide successes to all involved.”

Voyageurs National Park, one of the nation’s wildest, most remote and unique national parks, stretches 55 miles along the border between Minnesota and Canada, encompassing 218,055 acres of land and water. Within the park are more than 900 acres of privately-owned properties.  

VNPA is the conservation and program partner of Voyageurs National Park, helping each new generation discover, sustain and enjoy the Park. VNPA would like to thank the contributors to the Wallace C. Dayton Voyageurs National Park Legacy Fund who made this land acquisition possible.

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